2022 Anniversary Case: Tall Can Edition

Anniversary Case


This has been an exciting year for us, and we want to thank you for your continued support of our funky little brewery! As we celebrate the beginning of our fifth (!) year open, we present you with this curated collection of twelve unique ales! Some of these beers have been pulled from our limited reserve stocks, while others can still be found on shelves at the brewery and elsewhere. We are proud of all of them and as always, they celebrate the range of flavours and styles that can exist within our unique focus of mixed fermentation brewing! Regardless of whether you keep them to yourself or share them with loved ones, we hope you enjoy them and look forward to making you more delicious drinks in the new year!

The Tall Can Edition of the 2022 Anniversary Case contains twelve unique beers and can be purchased with the additional 12 unique beers in the Bottle Edition of the 2022 Anniversary Case (CLICK HERE) for 24 different beers in total!

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