Cadaver Synod – Barrel Aged Cherry Oud Bruin

Belgian, Blended, Dark, Fruited

Cadaver Synod is a barrel-aged Oud Bruin style beer produced by blending 3 American Oak wine barrels of dark sour which have been refermented on 300lbs of locally grown Balaton dark sour cherries from Jobst-Hoff orchards with 2 French Oak wine barrels of a non-sour dark beer. The result is a beer that balances vanilla-forward oak, chocolatey malt goodness, moderate tartness, and a borderline excessive amount of delicious cherries.

This beer was brewed using a specific varietal of whole pitted cherries (no purees or syrups here!) grown by an amazing family-run orchard in Oyama, so this is a very special and hopefully annual beer release for us. We did make a fairly large batch of this following the success and quick sell-out of A Single Branch (the spring 2020 batch is maturing in oak as we speak!), but with this less-common fruit we won’t be making another beer with it until next harvest when the cherries are picked again, so once it’s gone it’s gone until the trees bear more fruit!

Like all our beers, this beer is 100% produced from grain to glass on-site at our brewery in Kelowna, BC including brewing, barrel aging, fruit refermentation, and 100% natural carbonation in kegs and bottles.


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The Story

The Cadaver Synod (the namesake of this beer) was an event in human history both dark and absurd in equal measure involving the exhumation, trial, and sentencing of a corpse – specifically the body of Pope Formosus in the year 897. The presiding cardinals found the corpse guilty of multiple crimes and heaped upon the body a slew of punishments including stripping of the papal vestments and the removal of the three fingers on the right hand used to give blessings. If you have the time and interest, we would definitely say this event has one of the more interesting wikipedia articles out there.

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