Full Size 2021 Anniversary Case

Anniversary Case
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As we celebrate our 3rd Anniversary as a brewery, we’ve curated a selection of beers that we think showcase the best and most exciting of Wild Ambition from 2021. This special case offers a first taste at some of our final releases for the year and the first chance at a new round of some quick selling limited release favorites. It’s all rounded out by other beers that we brewed in 2021 that we are super proud of and we think show off our unique contributions to the BC craft beer scene!

This 24 can case (12 can size also available) includes 2 tall cans of each of the following:

(NEW!) Bacchic Mystery: Barrel Aged Sour with White Wine Grapes

5.7% alc/vol


This enigmatic beer began its life as a mixed-culture sour beer fermented on the pomace of bacchus grapes from Arrowleaf cellars before resting in a french oak puncheon for 9 months. This bit of beauty sleep contributed an extra layer of complexity and vinous maturity to the final beer before springing back to life in the can to achieve natural carbonation.

(NEW!) Shade Tolerance: Barrel Aged Tart Saison with BC Blackberries

5.4% alc/vol


This is a blend of multiple barrels of beer (average time in oak of 8 months) fermented with a mixed culture of saccharomyces, brettanomyces, and lactic acid bacteria (some sour, some not) which then underwent a refermentation alongside a large quantity of whole Fraser Valley Blackberries before can-conditioning. The individual blend components were selected to provide the perfect level of acidity to balance the wonderful tannin and aroma of the fruit.

(NEW!) Selfless Preservation: Simcoe Dry Hopped Sour

5.1% alc/vol


Mixed-ferm sours like this one love dry hops. With a one-two punch of brettanomyces to scavenge oxygen and acidity to preserve dry hop aroma and flavour, the fruity character of modern hop varietals – such as the Simcoe we picked out for this batch – can really shine. Meanwhile, the phenols in hops provide an excellent source of materials for many of the complex flavours brettanomyces can produce during can-conditioning to create something with more depth and cellar potential than a kettle sour.

(LIMITED RELEASE RETURN!) Cadaver Synod: Barrel Aged Oud Bruin with Local Balaton Cherries

6.1% alc/vol


This Flanders-inspired dark sour beer is produced by blending tart beer that has matured slowly over a year in oak followed by a refermentation with local Oyama sour cherries with fresh non-sour beer to temper the acidity and allow the more delicate flavours of the roasted malt and wonderful fruit to shine through. The blend was then allowed to marry for a few weeks in a blending tank before can-conditioning for natural carbonation.

(LIMITED RELEASE RETURN!) You Rock, Don’t Ever Change: Redhaven Peach Sour

5% alc/vol


This mixed-fermentation sour highlights some absolutely gorgeous peaches grown in Oyama, BC approximately 25km north of the brewery. The beer undergoes a second fermentation on top of the halved and pitted peaches with the skin intact to collect all the character they have to offer before can-conditioning for natural carbonation.

(LIMITED RELEASE RETURN!) Jewelled Wings: Blueberry Gose

4.5% alc/vol


This beer began as a classic mixed-fermentation gose (no kettle sours here!) before it was introduced to hundreds of pounds of whole Fraser valley blueberries and allowed to mingle for over a month. Just as beetles tend to blueberry bushes and keep them pest free, we like to think the blueberries benefited from contact with our own house culture “bugs” as well. Brewed and canned at our brewery in Kelowna, BC.

Imaginal Phase: Rye Saison

6.2% alc/vol


This saison is brewed with a healthy dose of old-world hops and unmalted rye before being dosed with our favourite strains of brettanomyces on packaging day to undergo a true metamorphosis inside the can as part of the conditioning and carbonation process. This is our love letter to everything classic, rustic, and ungovernable.

Enough And To Spare: Rhubarb Sour

4.1% alc/vol


For this beer we took our mixed culture golden sour recipe and added a copious amount of BC grown rhubarb stalks to create something beautiful, tart, and delicate. Essentially a can-conditioned hybrid of rustic farmhouse ale and country wine, we hope you enjoy the fruit (vegetable?) of our labour.

Top Of The Class: Balaton Cherry Sour

5.5% alc/vol


This mixed-fermentation sour highlights a best in class cherry with Hungarian roots grown just north of our brewery in Oyama, BC. Through a lengthy fermentation on top of the whole fruit, this beer has developed a gorgeous colour, flavour, and tannin structure. Brewed and canned at our brewery in Kelowna, BC.

Dew Point: Mosaic Farmhouse IPA

6.2% alc/vol


In this edition of Dew Point, “New World” hops meet our favourite saison yeast and several strains of brettanomyces to create a wonderfully transatlantic style of beer. Bright citrus and tropical fruit from the Mosaic hops contrasts beautifully with the crisp fruit and mild funk of our mixed-culture fermentation profile. Brewed and canned at our brewery in Kelowna, BC.

Antediluvian: Pre-War Stout

6.5% alc/vol


This stout is old-school enough to present the “ethereal” brettanomyces character taken on by well-cellared stock ales in the dusty logs of long-passed brewers, while being just modern enough in style to use the drum roasted malts that we know and love from today’s stouts and porters. This trip back to the first decade of the 1900s was brewed, cellared, and can-conditioned for natural carbonation at our brewery in Kelowna, BC

Flower Market: Hibiscus Sour

5.1% alc/vol


With a complex acidity and bursting with fermentation-driven flavour, Flower Market is our mixed-fermentation (no kettle sours here!) golden sour ale with hibiscus. We brewed this beer to show off our sour base while showcasing the citrus and cranberry notes of the hibiscus without either component overpowering the other.

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