Wild Ambition Brewing | Kelowna BC

We are Wild Ambition Brewing!

We are the only brewery in the interior of British Columbia focused on bottle conditioned mixed-fermentation ales. Our beers are wild and creative, and we always honour historical brewing methods while taking advantage of the best modern ingredients and innovations when designing recipes.

We use local ingredients whenever possible. The vast majority of the malt used in our beers was grown in BC and malted in the North Okanagan. Our fruited beers use the best BC fruit available. We’ve had and will continue to have beers that celebrate whole cherries, plums, peaches, and berries, as well as grape skins (among other fruit) sourced from family farms, orchards, and vineyards all up and down the Okanagan and Fraser Valleys.

When available, we prioritize local hops and other botanicals. Some of our beers are sour, some are barrel aged, all are fermented with multiple microbes – including ‘wild’ yeasts from the genus Brettanomyces – and naturally carbonated in the bottle, can or keg.

Our aim (and promise) as a brewery is to make you delicious beers as sustainably, ethically, and authentically as we can. We guarantee passion in everything we do.