Flower Market – Hibiscus Sour

Botanicals, Sour


SKU: 481265

With a complex acidity and bursting with fermentation-driven flavour, Flower Market is our mixed-fermentation (no kettle sours here!) golden sour ale with hibiscus. We brewed this beer to show off our sour base while showcasing the citrus and cranberry notes of the hibiscus without either component overpowering the other.

This beer base is co-fermented by our farmhouse style mixed culture of saccharomyces, our favourite brettanomyces strains, and lactic acid bacteria. We complimented that with a light dry hop of bramling cross to back up the gorgeous hibiscus flowers.

The name Flower Market is a nod to the “tulip mania” in the golden age of the Dutch Republic, a period which not only contained some of the very first examples of futures markets and speculative bubbles, but represents earlier times when hops were only one of the many botanicals brewers used to flavour beer. Flowers, roots, and herbs represent a whole world of flavours and colours that are sometimes neglected by modern brewers. Hibiscus is a great introduction to that world with its incredible colour, dark fruit flavours, and aroma.

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