You Rock, Don’t Ever Change – Peach Sour



ABV: 5.0% Format: Tall Can

SKU: 78700

You Rock, Don’t Ever Change takes our full mixed-fermentation sour base beer (with brettanomyces) and adds hundreds of pounds of whole fresh okanagan peaches to the mix (which we painstakingly halved and de-pitted by hand back at harvest time) before aging the beer on the fruit for many weeks.

The name You Rock, Don’t Ever Change is a reference to the relatively recent discovery of fossilized peach pits from 2.5 million years ago. Through this finding we are now aware that the peaches we eat (and brew with) today are virtually identical to their pre-agriculture ancestors – a rare occurrence after 6000 years of selective breeding and human intervention in growing practices (look up what a banana looked like before we started messing with them – it was practically inedible).

This beer was brewed, fermented with a full mixed culture including brettanomyces, re-fermented on hundreds of pounds of fresh skin-on peaches, filled and seamed by hand, and allowed to naturally carbonate in the cans and kegs on-site at our brewery at 3314 Appaloosa Rd in Kelowna, BC.

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